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Good News & Bad News In Latest Producer's Letter

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After yesterday's launch of the Pit Master's Arena, a new letter from the producer was published on the Age of Conan site. In it, several planned enhancements were outlined for the forthcoming months and one big piece of bad new was announced: The long awaited Crafting Revamp has been shelved indefinitely.

In other news, after looking at what had been done regarding the long promised Crafting Revamp, I've decided to shelf that feature for now.  I don't want to keep you guys hanging on the hope of getting that feature completed soon, and I'd rather be completely honest with everyone.  The current state of the revamp internally is that it still needs a lot of work, and the current implementation has undesireable effects on other features.  I think in the time it would take to finish it up, make the system acceptable, and properly integrate it to other game features, the team would be able to produce better, bloodier, brand-new content.  That said, there are also plenty of other things we can do in the meantime to improve the current crafting system.

But all is not dire, here are some things to look forward to:

  • Rage server will merge with Fury in about a month -- more details will be released later
  • Raid finder should be ready early this summer, with testing set to begin in May
  • raid rotation will be part of the Raid Finder and be balanced for 24-players
  • "big plans to improve the current F2P model of AoC by making content easier to access, removal of premium requirements for some content similar to that which has been done in The Secret World
  • the in-game store has undergone consolidation and caches now offer more rewards - this should be live in a month
  • The Silver Atrium quest has been re-enabled

Read the full letter on the Age of Conan site.

Thanks, Po_gg, for the tip!


Suzie Ford

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