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Golden Treasure: The Great Green Puts You in a Dragon's Shoes

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OK, so maybe dragons don't wear shoes, but the idea is the same. Dreaming Door Studios has announced the release date for its deep narrative RPG, Golden Treasure: The Great Green. The game provides players with an alternative viewpoint by taking the part of a dragon as it makes its way into the world as a newly-born hatchling and works to survive, thrive and grow. Players will find familiar features including an "open world to explore, loot to collect, battles to fight, and skills to master" alongside a vibrant hand-painted game world. 

Golden Treasure: The Great Green will launch on Steam on June 17th, but a demo is available today to introduce players to the rich narrative game world that features hundreds of hand-painted scenes.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green provides players with a fascinating open-world narrative journey where, rather than hunt dragons, players become dragons, the sentient creatures that rule over Ancient Earth. Starting within the confines of an egg, the player character must survive the tender and dangerous years of childhood, forging a path to maturity in a Bronze Age world filled with secrets and mysteries.

Learn more on the Golden Treasure: The Great Green Steam page.


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