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Godzilla and Kong Clash in World of Warships

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Two titans are clashing in World of Warships for a limited time event. You can catch Godzilla and Kong in the warship combat title with some exclusive activities and items. Read on for more details on this event.

We previously reported on this event back in April. But now, it’s finallyhere. The Godzilla vs. Kong event will run through the end of May, so you have some time to hop in and check it out. If you do decide to participate, you’ll need to nab one of three bundles. The Kong: Primordial Rage bundle will include Commander Kong (yes) with 10 skill points, a unique voiceover, North Carolina with a Primal permanent camo, a commemorative flag, and a themed camo.

The Godzilla: Apex Monster bundle includes Commander Godzilla (also yes), 10 skill points, a unique voiceover, Amagi with a Heat Ray permanent camo, a commemorative flag, and themed camo. Both of the commanders and their ships will also be available in the Titans: Large Pack bundle.

This limited time World of Warships event will also include special new combat missions. You can unlock it by picking a side with either Godzilla or Kong. Every time you complete a stage, you’ll receive two Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camos. Once you complete the chain, you’ll unlock a Two Titans – One King container.

Check out the trailer for this limited time event below. Are you going to jump in and check out the event? If so, which side will you choose?


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