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Gods at War Update Now Live with Big Changes to PvP

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Skyforge has been updated with the Gods of War patch that brings significant changes to PvP. The goal, according to a recent developer blog, is to "improve the rewards as well as finding a complex solution to the current PvP issues in Skyforge". Starting today, players can find out how well those issues have been addressed.

The anchor of the update is the new Honor stat that provides a bonus to character's health and damage while engaged in PvP. Honor is applied to gear up to a maximum bonus of 35% to health and 20% to damage each season.

Happy Hour has also been updated with events taking place several times per day with increased player rewards for participation. 

During Happy Hours , rewards for PvP adventures will include Knowledge of Enemies and Battle Rewards in addition to credits. Battle Rewards are special containers with equipment that may contain the following items:

  • legendary weapons from collector's packs and distortions for 2 days, and the chance to receive a weapon for the selected role (attack, defense, support) will be higher than usual;
  • legendary artifacts for 2 days;
  • epic jewelry and Stones of Power;
  • from 1 to 3 PvP modifiers.

Check out the full update post on the Skyforge site.


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