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Godfall Won't Have Microtransactions

Plus new video with new gameplay

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like upcoming looter-slasher RPG Godfall will not feature microtransactions.

The information was debuted on YouTuber Arrekz Gaming’s video (below) where he showed off Hinterclaw, a new Valorplate. Quite a lot of information was covered in a discussion with Richard Heyne, Technical Producer at Counterplay Games. Heyne discussed how a lot of playable content would be made available before touching on the whole games-as-a-service elephant in the room,

“We don't consider it a game-as-service. There are no microtransactions in Godfall, but we are planning that there is plenty of content for the player to dig into once Macros is defeated."

The conversation also touched on character customization, playstyle customization, weapon classes, how solo play will differ from co-op play, and how Godfall will stand apart from the other looter games saturating the market.

You can watch the whole video below. Godfall is set to release on PS5 and Epic Games Store.


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