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Go Trick or Treating in Fallout 76 as Halloween is Back in Full

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Fallout 76 leaves you in a world that you have to work to survive in, but now there's even more to be frightened about, with the Halloween event coming next week.

Halloween in Fallout 76 has offered fun times before, but the difficult year that was 2020 didn’t have much, but the full celebration is back this year, starting on October 19th and ending on November 2nd. There are daily and weekly challenges and even trick or treating, so pick out your costume and get ready to battle over some candy and generously give some out too.

There's enough Spooky Scorched for you to take down and grab some treats. These Scorched will be dressed for the occasion and will be spawning as legendary. So you'll be able to take them down for a legendary item and some candy. Oh, and you'll get a Spooky Treat Bag, which they've also been kind enough to be carrying just for your enjoyment. open these and you'll be rewarded with goodies like ammo or consumables and even Halloween loot. And that candy you get, you can eat it to get a random buff or save it for trick or treating.

Trick or treating? Well, be sure to have a costume, since this makes the whole thing more effective. You'll be able to claim a Spooky Candy Bowl and be able to both trick or treat at other C.A.M.Ps for those daily challenges or go to hand out candy you've collected from your kills and give it out to others in both daily and weekly challenges. Complete the challenges for special loot like crafting materials, Halloween costumes, or even the Popcorn Machine and other rewards. 

For more on Fallout 76’s Halloween event, and Bomb Drop Day, see the official event post.


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