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Go Inside New World's Creative Teamwork in Creating Brimstone Sands' Memorable Music

After narrative, just add a choir.

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With the arrival of Season 2, Blood of the Sands, and Summer Medleyfaire returning, New World is definitely in a musical mood. There is a brand new video, the Choir of Brimstone Sands, detailing the hours of music composed for the new season and how the narrative team helped shape some of it.

The team has remixed some of the tracks and re-recorded some of the orchestra. Some of the community noticed that things had changed. “The music sounds better, because it is”, says Audio Director Jean-Edouard Miclot. Team worked with an orchestra and synthesizers, but something was missing. 

When it came to creating music for Brimstone Sands, they worked with composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, who are known for their work on projects like Game of Thrones. To create what they wanted to capture the heart of Brimstone Sands and the soul of it, they brought in a choir. However, that choir needed some help and what they did creating this was to invite members of the narrative team to compose a poem in English based on some of the artwork created for Brimstone Sands.

Miclot tells the story of why they chose the artwork, of men, women, and children  traveling through the sand dunes, with ominous sandstorm winds blowing in, and the poem that the team created. This poem became an anchor because of the narrative about this scene and it became exactly what they needed to hook around with vocals from the choir (which Djawadi and Campbell brought in since they had worked together and knew them well).

This newest video is a  change of pace from some of the creative videos we've seen from the New World team. Music is a big part of many MMORPGs, and this peek into how teamwork, and the importance of using real people to contribute their voices, makes the difference.


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