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Go Fishing in Sanctuary as Diablo Immortal Begins Rolling Out 'Immersive World-Based Experiences'

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Diablo Immortal  is adding a new way to spend your time with the next update: fishing. There’s also a special gift pack going out today to celebrate a successful post launch and awards season.

The special gift pack will be sent to all players today and offer some Normal Gems, Legendary crests, a random Set piece and random Legendary item, and more.

After maintenance tomorrow, the next update will go live with 36 new Legendary items, a redesign of the Rune system, adjustments to gems, and the fishing system. The team announced fishing and other upcoming features as part of a roadmap update, but this will be a new activity that you can partake in starting at level 43. As the team declares,

“Because Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG, we have a unique opportunity to explore the world of Sanctuary through a new lens. Fishing is our first step towards adding immersive world-based experiences that bring combat-less gameplay with social touches.”

You will be able to take a quest called The Greatest Pastime,  and this give you a rod and will start your journey to becoming a champion angler in Sanctuary. There will be three zones to fish in, and you’ll see a marker on the map to help you locate where you can fish. Fishing locations will also be safe zones, so you don’t have to worry about monsters strolling up behind you while you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

You’ll need to load up on bait, which you can get from a Fisher, and each cast will cost one bait. There are different types of fish you can catch, with some having greater rarity, and if you have patience, you may be able to catch very rare fish. And earn yourself some bragging rights.

The Rune system is being streamlined, with the need to convert Runes to craft Legendary Gems dropped, adjustments to costs overall, and increasing drops to support the new system.This change is coming after there was a distinct imbalance in the Runes people collected and the ones they were able to use.

The update will also add 36 new Legendary items if you’ve run out of loot to chase.

Head to Diablo Immortal for full update details.


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