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Go Fishing and Fight in the Water With the Latest Mortal Online 2 Update

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 Mortal Online 2 now lets you go fishing and have more fun in the water with the swimming overhauls. The latest update for the beta adds fishing, a new district, a new dungeon boss, and lots of changes and additions to support swimming.

The fishing update added fishing vendors to all cities. Now, all seas and lakes are now capable of supporting fishing. Rivers will take a little more time, but the team notes that they're coming. That's not all the development that takes place in the water with this update as there are different changes to overhaul swimming. players can now fight in the water. You can attack and block in all directions  in the same way as on land for now, but eventually  the mechanics will be adapted to combat in water.

You can use bows in the water as well but arrows that travel through water will slow down greatly. This will also see a balance change later. When you're swimming,  you can recover stamina just by letting go of the directional keys. So you can use this strategically to go short distances and then recover and repeat. Swimming is also scaled with dexterity and there are a bunch of changes to speed, buoyancy, resistance and more.

The patch adds a  new boss to the Sator dungeon and a new district to Morin Khur. Yet most of the update is packed solid with additions, new mechanics and changes as the team continues adding the remaining elements in the world as they prepare for final launch. Some items have adjusted appearances, the world lighting has been adjusted, and  aesthetic additions and changes. The long series of fixes include issues with teleportation, random crashes, AI adjustments like motion detection, and changes to how tattoos work and fixes that should hopefully make that aspect more stable now.

There are several things that are still not quite complete. If you go practice your fishing skills, you won't be able to see other players pull up their fish even though the system is working. For the full list of changes to Mortal Online 2, including the fishing and swimming updates and all the details, head over here.


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