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Go Behind the Scenes of World of Warcraft's Character Customization Overhaul

It's different for new players.

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The World of Warcraft site has a brand new blog featuring senior UI designer Jeff Liu to take us behind the scenes of the Shadowlands character creation UI redesign. 

The character creation screen itself was redesigned to make it less busy and to give new players the necessary information without overwhelming them with words or information.

Liu takes us through the process of recreating the character design process, what the animation team did for every class and race, and the process through to finalize it with the special effects and the animation team, and finally the sound design. There are several videos showing details of the top to bottom process as well and it’s interesting if you’re at all someone who loves seeing how things are made.

This effort was part of making the game friendlier towards new players. With a beloved old game like World of Warcraft, there are still ways you can change things up to make it fresh without making it unrecognizable. One of the differences is that new players at character creation will see only the core races with their names under the portraits and it will be tailored to be a little simpler. If you are new, the first character you see at character creation will always be either a Human or an Orc Warrior, designed to ease you into the game. But if you were a veteran player making something, you’ll see a completely random race and class combo.

Other details include changes to the customization random character, which when accessed by a new player would not cover the face. So if you’re a new player and you are immediately greeted with an Orc Warrior and you decide to hit the random button, whatever other race/class combo generates for you won’t have a covered face just so you can appreciate and see the different features.

It’s a deep dive into the behind the scenes character creation overhaul, and you can read the full blog here at World of Warcraft.


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