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Go Behind the Scenes of the Design Behind Mehrunes Dagon and 2021 in The Elder Scrolls Online

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The Elder Scrolls Online team is continuing to wrap up the year by looking back on 2021 and ahead to what’s to come. This time, ZeniMax has released a new video going behind the scenes on the creation of Mehrunes Dagon for his entry into ESO. The nearly 15 minute behind the scenes look shows how they decided to use Dagon in the first place, up through creating MMO content in a pandemic.

Since the team decided to work on Gates of Oblivion as the storyline themed for the year, then they had to decide what to bring back to make it meaningful. Once this was in place, using Dagon made a lot more sense. Once those decisions were made, it was then down to the different teams within the overall ESO team to put it all together during the challenge that is a pandemic that split teams apart physically. 

Watch and get a look at development while working from different places during the pandemic, with a look at how they decided to work on animations, content, editing, and design work, as well as how the players would interact with it all. See how using your kids’ toys to think about how to imagine Dagon using those weapons and taking those pictures back to Photoshop can lead to creating the designs for the game. With Dagon having four arms, that upped the challenge so this was an interesting way to go about the design. Making Dagon a reality as the primary antagonist of the Blackwood chapter took a whole lot of time and work in a different way for this team. 

The video goes behind the scenes into all aspects of creation, from weapon design and character design to voice work, editing, story content and more. Given how 2020 and 2021 have been through much of the world, the difference in how this was put together versus other previous content in the game stands out. 

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