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GMs to Play an Active Role - Their 'Presence is Mandatory for Us'

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The latest Saga of Lucimia blog has been posted to the official site, this Monday looking into the role of GMs in the game. As usual, the post begins with a retrospective look back at GM-led events and the unique experiences they provided to communities in EverQuest and Vanguard. The Saga of Lucimia team is vested in bringing back this type of GM interaction, a feature that most, if not all, current MMOs have let fall by the wayside.

Roleplaying is a huge aspect of playing MMORPGs, and we want to foster that environment by providing players with consistent and continual content updates, above and beyond simply adding new zones, dungeons, and continents to the game. We’re not talking quest hubs (we don’t have them, and quests are optional in our game); we are talking world events where the entire server community has to participate in order to advance the server forward; we are talking GM events where myself and other developers will be hosting live role-playing sessions and one-off storylines for the community to participate in; and beyond that, continual updates to the game, which we won’t be announcing via the patch notes. It will be up to the players to discover the changes on their own.

Read the full post on the Saga of Lucimia site.


Suzie Ford

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