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Gloria Victis Upgrades Their Engine - Promises Better Graphics and Stability

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If you’ve been playing Gloria Victis then you may be aware of a new client-side engine version that has been running alongside the older client for months. Black Eye Games decided to completely make the switch to the new engine at the end of March.

Gloria Victis first began the conversation of an engine upgrade back in November of 2020, and with their push to beta back in December of that year, Gloria Victis finally claimed their beta victory. Despite some setbacks last month related to a fire at the Strasburg Data Center which forced the team to rollback data to the first of March, the team at Black Eye Games stayed transparent with their development, and continued with their improvements of the PvP-centric MMORPG.

The switch to the new engine version will likely come as a welcome addition to many players who have not yet made the switch. According to the developers, the new engine will aid in stability and FPS, most especially during the largest battles. The only major downside that they were able to note is that players who have been using the old client may lose their saved settings, which will be reverted to default.

The new engine isn’t the only improvements the team has made recently either. Mounted combat has been improved and horses have been made more “horse-like”. For example, horses running backwards or turning in the air while jumping has been removed. The ability to trade horses via player-made stalls, which were introduced previously, is also a new welcome change to the game. With all of these changes, Black Eye Games couldn’t leave out Horse-Archer combat, with some changes to mounted cross-hairs and passive skills to make them more viable, though admittedly, hybrid archers will never be as powerful as many core classes.

If it has been a little while since you jumped into Gloria Victis you may have a little updating to do with so many consistent improvements over the past several months – which now includes a new client!


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