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Gloria Victis Shakes Up the Map to Encourage More PvP Opportunities and Reward

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 Gloria Victis has reached another milestone on its way to a 1.0 launch. The latest update has reworked the game world, introducing more PvP opportunities and less stagnation around castles. There’s also a holiday event and more happening to see out the year.

Gloria Victis has been evolving for a while, and with the team at Black Eye Games working to balance the availability of features, and to prevent a feeling of things getting stale. The team will leave the State of War active instead of turning it off during the annual holiday grace period they’ve held before. 

The team made the whole outer ring of the map into a non-loot zone. What they found was that  having the entire map be a loot zone was discouraging getting out and attempting sieges or PvP in favor of defensive play. These changes come with the hope that taking some pressure off will lead to more willing to venture out and PvP in both the lower risk non loot zones and into the center.

This is intended to accomplish a couple of things, to stop stagnation outside of those State of War periods, because guilds that held these castles could hold them and stay there to wait until action approached them. So this created a holding pattern of sorts, and this is intended to shake things up and stop inactivity on the map where people are just sitting around. 

The castles in the middle of the map are now nation-controlled castles, and they will have the same benefits of the guild castles as they were except that you'll be able to launch a siege and capture these castles at anytime. This will reshape the middle of the map and hopefully add more consistent action. They come with bonuses too, with some of the best workshops, highest quality farms and yields, and new buffs that expand as your nation controls more castles.

The team also promises that guild castles are not dead and they will be back in a new form.

The new PVP options are now in effect, along with a couple of Christmas events and activities, with rewards as well as the opportunity to get yourself a Santa suit.

For more, head to Gloria Victis. 


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