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Gloria Victis Receives Several Updates to Bring Long-Awaited Features to Players

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Over the past several weeks, Gloria Victis has received a number of updates to bring many long-awaited features to its players alongside some brand new content. The updates see new siege engines, world events, rankings and improvements to the guild heraldry system brought into the live game.

  • Siege engines including catapults, battering rams, archer walls and siege engines can be constructed by players and flaming projectiles can be used
  • two new world events offer open world PvP experiences. Fall of the Exile and Sea Wraiths will challenge players in all-new ways
  • Weekly rankings added to the existing Glory, Arena and Guild rankings
  • guilds can create custom heraldry to display to others -- eventually players will be able to create personal heraldry as well

Learn more in the video below or on the Gloria Victis site.


Suzie Ford

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