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Gloria Victis Overhauls Crafting Quests and Hotfixes Launch Issues and Bugs

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Gloria Victis officially launched out of Early Access yesterday, with a set of Legacy servers and New Beginnings servers for a completely fresh start or new players. As with any MMO launch, there were some issues, including login issues and some buggy quests, but the team began addressing these via a hotfix.

An applied hotfix does partially fix some of these issues. Login issues got the first part of a fix, and they’re encouraging you to restart if you see continued login problems. More fixes are coming though. Another workaround to a bug causing some quest bosses to not respawn meant that various quests were unable to be completed. The affected quests will now autocomplete after you spend enough time in the boss area. There's also an additional issue for some players where their data just doesn't load and overhead markers are completely messed up. Overall, the hotfix does enable more players to play, even though something like auto-completion of quests is a little underwhelming if you're looking to earn your progression.

Before they launched the game, there were some last-minute changes too, including reworked crafting quests that were announced this week, but not fully detailed until now. These reworks move the crafting quests to the questboard, making them easier to access. There's an eight-hour cooldown between completing a quest and when you can claim another one, but each of the three regions will now have their own separate cooldowns. For those that really want to complete crafting quests, you can take per region before being completely locked out.

They’ve also adjusted the rewards for crafting quests that will vary based upon the risk in the region where you take them. So if you are that person who really wants to take as many crafting quests as possible, the risk you take will be more rewarding when you complete them.

Character development also gets some tweaks and additional bonuses. Unlocking nodes will now be more rewarding, to help encourage progression. To balance this, there will be some higher XP requirements to unlock some high tier nodes. 

Read the full details over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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