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Gloria Victis Outlines New Mounted Combat Update

QoL improvements too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Gloria Victis has shared an update on horses and mounted combat.

Finally, it looks like you’ll be able to tame wild horses and train it into a mount. A whole new skill tree is introduced with 16 passives. All characters will receive a free abilities and attributes reset. Additionally, shooting a bow while mounted will actually slow the horse down from a sprint to running pace. Additionally, if you quit the game whilst mounted, your character will automatically dismount before the quitting process kicks off.

The post also announces the Glory season,

“Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP. The seasons last 2 months and the top players are rewarded with unique titles and gold. Also, every Thursday night you’ll get Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so climb up!”

Additionally, several quality of life improvements and fixes are included in this update.


Poorna Shankar