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Gloria Victis Nears Exit from Early Access and Team Details Changes Made and Remaining

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Gloria Victis is on the road to leaving Early Access and releasing version 1.0. Black Eye Games has released a new update and dev log video detailing the recent changes and what else is needed before making the leap to final release.

The team notes that some of the changes that still need to happen before they can release the game into its final version, are to reshape many aspects of the game world in the coming weeks, changing some locations and expanding the world. They’re also updating and changing guild content as well as sieges.

The team wants to give players the option of how to spend their time and whether they want their endgame to be more about nations or guilds. Part of the changes also include ways to give smaller guilds a chance to develop and grow. They’re going to continue to expand  capacity so that the servers can handle a launch influx, and expand the feature of cross server events that will better support player activity.

The work that the team has done in the past few months has added up to a lot of major updates and changes. They've refreshed and updated the game's UI, updated and improved the whole combat system to be faster and better balanced. Black Eye also introduced a series of new locations and new tournament maps, and introduced cross server tournaments. These will be greatly assisted by the vow to shore up cross-server events, and a whole lot more. 

They’ve overhauled a lot more, including talent trees and activities to lower the bar to entry in some ways and let players get started faster. Also added and expanded have been mounts, an animal breeding system, throwing weapons, and some lance stances for infantry and cavalry. Weapon special movies are intended to add a little realism and flair..

For more on the game, head to Gloria Victis.


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