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Gloria Victis Leaving Early Access and Launching February 7th

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Gloria Victis will make its way out of Early Access on February 7th and will launch version 1.0. The team at Black Eye Games has also released some of what you should know before the launch, including the announcement that there will be both Legacy servers and completely fresh servers for new characters.

Since Early Access has been going on for several years, the team promised to not wipe accounts unless there was some critical reason that they couldn't avoid. That hasn't happened, and current players get to keep the characters and accounts they’ve invested in so they are deciding to launch with two types of servers. Legacy servers will be there for all who want to continue playing on them and move forward into the launch period.  There will be no wipes, everything will stay the same with your inventory, and you can just log in and play your character as-is.

However, there will be another option, what they are calling the New Beginning servers. The New Beginning servers are exactly what they sound like, clean new servers with a fresh database for a new start. If you are already on the Legacy servers, you can create a new character and play on these servers as well. 

This is how things will be at launch, but because the game overall has a cross-server database, you'll still be able to trade between servers, play on other servers of the same type, and play in cross-server events. 

In the announcement, the team goes over the history of Gloria Victis since beginning development way back in 2016. From that look back, you can also check out old screenshots and comparisons between then and now. This launch comes off of a year of particularly significant overhauls. 

For more on the server types and details, as well as the road from Early Access to launch, see the update over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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