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Gloria Victis Gets a Major Overhaul that Upgrades Visuals, Adds Features, and Reworks Quests, and Even the Map

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Gloria Victis gets a major overhaul today, with a number of major changes, including revamped visuals, improvements to the game world, major quest reworks (and progress on quests reset to test them!), and some quality of life updates.

The world has been polished up with all kinds of updated visuals and an increased view range to appreciate them. Expect a better looking sky and clouds, improved sun path, as well as an overhauled lighting system, and even better weather effects. The nights are designed to look better, be darker, and more realistic. 

The team has altered the game world too. The capital cities have each been moved to different sides of the map, and all three nations have new starter areas on different small islands. This should give PVE and PVP oriented players some more space on which to navigate and play their way. In place of the former capital locations are new areas, with new nation-controlled flags on the map. These will mark loot and non-loot zones and work with the effort to make danger zones, the loot zones, more visible. This is also being done via a temporary border system that will change.

Quests have been reworked for a number of reasons. The reworks and changes are so big that they’ve reset everyone’s quest progress since they want all players to experience the new systems and give feedback on them. Quests no longer have breaks for teleports through the capital or have too long a distance between the steps. Until endgame, at least, when those open up more again. They've also added a new fast travel option for the main questline chain. Other elements of the quest reworks include improving some of the oldest and grindiest quests, and polishing up others. 

They've also introduced Questboards, where you can find and accept quests, then return when completed for rewards. If you complete some quest from the boards where you find them, this might trigger some new events in the area with boosted loot.

There's a new 9 Minute developer video showcasing all of the major changes, but the patch notes also give an idea of exactly what  is included in this major update. See those notes over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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