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Gloria Victis Combat Rebalance Improves Viability of Two-Handed Weapons and Heavy Armor

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Black Eye Games continues updating and balancing Gloria Victis, and this time there’s a new devblog detailing the recent combat update and additional recent changes.

After changing around the maps in previous updates, including moving all three capitals and starting areas to put more space in between, giving PvE players more options to stay out of combat and for PvPers more space too. There were also visual upgrades and new effects, and now, the team is discussing the combat update.

When it comes to combat balance, the team had several goals for Gloria Victis. Among them were to balance two-handed weapons against each other, to rebalance heavy armor to make it more viable, and improving shield gameplay. When it comes to heavy armor, some tank builds were not really working in the meta due to several factors like high stamina drain. The team has increased blunt damage reduction for heavy armor and reduced piercing damage reduction.

One of the disadvantages of playing tanks is that you are always on the front lines and repair costs for heavy armor were also steep. They've increased the reductions to damage on all tiers, so that even a lower to your heavy armor set should be viable. 

With previous changes, two handed axes became a top choice due to lots of pros and few cons, but this meant that two handed swords went by the wayside. Changes have come to both, as well as to archery in the most recent update. The idea is to make the two-handed weapons more viable, and when it comes to archery,  changes to make damage consistent.

You'll get a couple of different changes, including the ability to have a passive block option when you just have a shield go helped in your hand and change it to bash mechanics.

The update also included several quality of life changes, and fixes too many games and improvements.

Read the full update notes over at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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