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Gloria Victis Claims Beta Victory - 'Made by Players, For Players, and With Players'

It's Getting Beta

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Black Eye Games says Gloria Victis has reached a milestone, and is ready to transition into its beta phase. As they rightly toot their own horn for this accomplishment, they want their players to know that they couldn’t have done it without them, and thank them for their trust, patience, help and cheering them on.

Gloria Victis still has a long way to go, and they want players to know they aren’t done listening to feedback, as the work on new features while simultaneously fixing what needs fixes has just begun. Still, the team cannot thank their community enough, as they, too, are a part of it.

We would not be here and achieve everything without our awesome community, so, at the beginning of this update announcement, we would like to thank you all who helped us to create Gloria Victis MMORPG – a project that was made by players, for players, and with players.

As a testament of turning a new page, a long list of fixes and improvements were posted on the steam announcement. Here is a short snapshot of just some of what the long post details:

Quality of Life:

  • Model and visual improvements for wooden corner tower and wooden gate
  • Added animation to health and stamina bar showing the changes in those resources status changes
  • Turning off the empty health bar of the visual target, if in a particular moment there is no information about its health status

Fixes: Freebuilding:

  • Fixed an issue causing freebuilding economical buildings could be placed on the edge or outside castle grid zone
  • Fixed position of resource nodes and spawners in Leaktown mine and Lublin farm
  • Fixed wooden gatehouse frontal gate model causing catapults and small rams not being able to go through new gatehouses wooden gates
  • Fixed colliders of gatehouses internal gates that were not working properly after the destruction

In addition to the fixes, and the appreciative thanks, a history of the journey was also posted as well as a run down of the achievements the team has met along the way. Earlier this year Gloria Victis outlines some of the mounted combat they have been working on, as well as some much needed and highly requested features. Bravo to the team for taking that difficult step from Alpha to Beta.


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