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Gloria Victis Celebrates Halloween, Adds a New Hardcore, Full-Loot PvP Event, Ruined Temple

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The Gloria Victis team announced some major updates last month, including some visual overhauls, moving the capital cities, new skybox, weather effects, and upgraded lighting system. Now they're back to discuss feedback on those updates as well as what to expect moving ahead. This includes the Halloween event, which will be around until November 10th, as well as a new PVP event, new cosmetic skins, and a number of features and fixes.

The Halloween event is relevant today since it is Halloween after all, but the event will stick around for a bit. This comes at just the right time to show off the new lighting system, with its darker and deeper nights. Also sticking around will be the spooky decorations and changes to the world and items for the event period. If you participate, you can learn the story of the Jittery Confectioner, and earn some sweets to trade for new items, like coat of arms symbols. There will be some spooky cosmetics for weapons and tools, and some new interactives that include a swarm of bats.

If you’re out there looking to make sieges spookier, trebuchets and catapults will be firing pumpkin projectiles. Should you need a proper ride, the Skeleton Horse is also available for you to get a chance to find and tame.

The team has also added a new PvP challenge: Ruined Temple. This is intended as a high-risk, high-reward competitive PVP environment where all nations can battle. This is a 5v5v5 event with three rounds, each taking place in an arena with its own strategic tools and advantages. 

Kill a boss, get some loot based on what stage you got to, and get out of there to await the cooldown. Then each team has a chance to get back into the arena. If you don’t leave though, the arena will kill you itself. This mode also features player looting, so again this is designed as high risk, high reward.

For more, see the new video recap and read the notes at the Gloria Victis Steam page.


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