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Gloria Victis Brings Open PvP to Bear Along with New Quests & Much More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Gloria Victis has been patched with a number of new features and improvements. Most notably, "Open PvP" has been added with four new guild locations for groups of players to battle over. Within those locations, there are a variety of structure sizes -- forts for smaller guilds to capture and mid-tier castles and more. 

As part of the PvP updates, players will also find "workers" within controlled spaces. As long as the workers are alive, they will "produce resources over time which can be taken by a guild ruling a given province, or with force  by enemies".

Players will also find an expanded siege engine system that now includes ballistae as "another step to introduce more advanced player-controlled objects, such as battering rams, catapults" and many others.

Lastly, a number of performance issues were addressed and patched to improve performance.

Learn more on the Gloria Victis site.


Suzie Ford

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