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Global Maplestory Diverges From Korean Version, Moving Away From Controversial Changes

Anthony Lowry Posted:
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Last week, Hanbyeol Oh, A.K.A. Inkwell, released a pleasantly surprising announcement concerning Maplestory Global after outcry over changes to the Korean version of the MMO.

Highlighting the specifics, Inkwell emphasized that Maplestory Global will not be getting any of the negative changes that Maplestory Korea recently received. Which includes:

  • A hard cap on earned meso per day: ~150m at level 260+ 
  • The removal of the multiplier for selling Intense Power Crystals, a major source of meso obtained from bosses
  • The removal of the cube shop and cubes being sold by NPCs
  • The removal of the Ursus boss

These changes effectively removed any reliable source of income for reboot servers. With no real solution, players were relegated to either play regular servers or quit entirely, as progression was slowed to an unenjoyable crawl. A ton of outcry stirred up since the update went live in KMS, and it has been a worry for players ever since.

Inkwell’s note ensures that these changes will not come to the global version, and is but one step in what’s being called “Localization 3.0”, which sets out to send Maplestory Global in a totally different, divergent direction to any other version. We will continue to get updates that the Korean version receives, but not exactly as is. As stated by Inkwell: “We’ll still get content updates from KMS, but we’ll cater our updates to reflect the feedback and voices of our players.”


Anthony Lowry

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