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Glitched World of Warcraft Attempt Makes Blizzard Despawn N'Zoth in NA

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A glitched attempt in World of Warcraft has made Blizzard despawn N’Zoth in NA. Here’s what’s happened.

According to Wowhead, Complexity Limit had gotten to a secret phase part of the Mythic N’Zoth the Corrupter fight. In so doing, they entered a certain version of the Chamber of Heart where they needed to kill a Faceless One add.

However, this fight simply kept going. They attempted a different tact by ignoring the portal to the Chamber of Heart and instead just focus on N’Zoth. This led to a glitched version of N’Zoth wherein N’Zoth lost everything but Eternal Torment.

Complexity Limit managed to down him to 25% but here, N’Zoth gained Psychic Shell, which forced Complexity Limit into the Chamber of Heart. Upon returning to the boss’s room, N’Zoth simply wasn’t there anymore, courtesy of Blizzard.


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