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Give a Snowman a Taste of Summer, and Unlock Soul Stone Slots in the Latest Elyon Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for Elyon begins the Snowman’s Wish event, gives options to unlock Soul Stone slots for your equipment, and adds in some class balance changes and adjustments to rewards.

The Snowman’s Wish event starts today and will run through February 2nd. Will you help a snowman who wants to feel summer before it’s time for him to melt? If you’re up for it (and also some rewards), the Snowman‘s Invitation will be a 30 minute playtime reward. With this invitation, you can accept the event quest and start the event. Your goal will be to collect Summer Scent from the Palm Beach Resort. If you do this successfully, and deliver it to the snowman so he can experience a little bit of summer, you will get a Snowman’s Gift box with a guaranteed Refined Enhanced Stone Selection box and other random rewards. 

You’ll be able to unlock Soul Stone slots for your equipment through the use of unlock stones that will vary based on your equipment grade. You’ll be able to get Soul Stone unlock stones from the recently added Locked Supply Boxes and Crashed Transport Ships RvR events. These changes should add some more incentive to get out there into the new RvR challenges.

One helpful change that players should notice immediately is that the cooldown for HP recovery potions has been reduced from 25 seconds to 1 second. The Clan War matchmaker will also now match clans of the same realm, and certain items have had their status changed. You’ll be able to trade Memories of the Moment, Soul Stone boxes, and Chaos Fortress Victory/Battle boxes. 

Class balance changes come in the form of adjustments across the various classes, with the newly added Archer getting its first round of changes. The Archer will deal slightly less damage in PvP and have a cooldown timer on Snipe that begins when the skill ends. Other changes to the Archer’s skills are more aesthetic, like adjusting motion to sound effects.

For more on the update, see the full notes over at Elyon.


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