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Ghosties & Ghoulies Prepare for Halloween Fun in Grand Theft Auto Online

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Grand Theft Auto Online is appropriately decorated in celebration of Halloween and players can have fun participating in a number of spooky events that can yield double GTA$ and RP. Most notably, in a themed event, one player can become the shotgun-wielding Slasher who stalks seven other Hunted that are "protected" only by a flashlight....just for three minutes until they turn the tables once they have their own shotguns.

Other events include:

  • SlasherS - in a pitch black environment, Slashers hold machetes and shotguns while trying to find Hunted who are "armed" with thermal vision and flashlights. Every minute the roles are reversed until one team is wiped out.
  • Lost vs Damned - Angels against Devils with the environment switching from day to night every minute.
  • Condemned - one player is marked for death. The goal is to pass that death sentence to another player before time runs out.
  • Come Out to Play - Runners are trying to get home and Hunters are trying to stop them.
  • Beast vs Slasher - Slashers are trying to stop The Beasts

Players taking part in these events can unlock the Psycho Swingers, Zombie Liberals in the Midwest and Twilight Knight t-shirts.

Learn more on the Grand Theft Auto Online site.


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