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Ghosties & Ghoulies & Things That Go Bump in the Night Coming Your Way

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Over the next weeks, the Dark & Light team will be releasing more information about big things coming to the game. Players can look forward to new town decorations that add a Halloween theme to any town or structure. Goblin candies, a Jack-o-lantern helmet, a new weapon called Fusil that can shoot silver or candy bullets, werewolves, Halloween goblins, elite Dark Reapers and a new Magicka base House Shield that keeps unwanted folks or hostiles out are also being added.

Town Decorations - For a limited time, pumpkins will spawn instead of barrels around the towns and be packed with festive goodies.

Goblin Candies - Are they treats or tricks? Consume them at your own risk!

Jack-o-Lantern Helmet - Gives you the special read on whether those Goblin Candies will help or hurt you! They’ve also got a few other cool effects if you can obtain the Schema to make yourself one.

Fusil, Silver Bullets, Candy Bullets - Fusil is a new ranged weapon that can be crafted from a Workbench and shoots only Silver Bullets or Candy Bullets. The silver bullets deal extreme damage to Werewolves and the Candy Bullets …. you’ll just have to try to find out.

Werewolves - They’ll roam Archos by day as Alpha Wolves but transform to humanoid Werewolves at night. Taking them on brings the chance to drop the Schema for crafting a Werewolf Transformation Rune. This limited-time shapeshift will give players the benefit of boosted stats as well as the ability to kick ass as a werewolf.

Halloween Goblins - Goblins are getting skeletal body paint and Elite Goblins will be equipped with Jack-o-Lantern Helmets and new drops including Schema for crafting your own Jack-o-Lantern Helmet, Candy Bullet Schema plus Goblin Candies and Pumpkins.

Elite Dark Reapers - These Reapers deal much more damage than your regular reapers but drop more sought-after items like the new Sunder Scythe Schema that deals extremely high durability damage to armor.

Magicka Base - New kind of advanced House Shield that keeps out non-House members or hostile creatures with a transparent wall that can’t be damaged.

Keep your eyes on the Dark & Light site for an upcoming video to show it all off. In the meantime, enjoy the screens!




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