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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Survey Most Request Feature is AI Teammates

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Ghost Recon Breakpoint survey has pointed to several community requests in the latest results.

By far, the number one most requested change/fix has been the request to add AI teammates with more than 50% of survey respondents requesting the feature. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 50+% respondents want AI temmates
  • 35+% respondents remove gear score and tiered loot, improve enemy AI, and the ability to sell all weapons/gear at once
  • 30+% respondents want removal of the online requirement

Fortunately, all of these requests, sans removing the online requirement, are currently in progress behind the scenes. The removal of the online requirement will, “require more investigation.”

The most requested additional content breaks down as follows:

  • 70+% respondents want new story content
  • 60+% respondents want new weapons
  • 50+% respondents want more character customization and more gunsmith customization

Numerous other in-progress items are listed on the blog post including economy changes, vehicle handing, and more. Check out the full post here.


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