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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Receives Extensive Patch Notes For Today's Patch

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is receiving a new patch today, called Title Update, and we have some new patch notes to go along with it.

The patch comes in at 11.3 GB on Xbox and PS4, while the PC versions on Epic and Uplay weigh in at 8.5 GB.

Patch notes are extremely extensive, touching on virtually every single aspect of the game. Here are the bug fixes for PVE and PVP:

Major Bug Fixes - PvE

  • Fixed an issue which caused the slide animation to trigger on the stairs.
  • Fixed an issue which caused players to lose their items or devices when going to PvP and then coming back to PvE.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Players who have already been affected by this issue will be able to get their drone back after loading their save.
  • For players who lost their thermal/night vision binoculars or water canteen – we are working on a solution for an upcoming TU.
  • In "See no Evil", "Speak no Evil" and "Hear no Evil" missions, fixed an issue that would trigger a "Mission Fail" for players if the intel was not consulted after killing the target and leaving the mission area.
  • Fixed an issue in "Age Against the Machine" mission that could not be started by interrogating the sentinel soldiers if they had been downed before.
  • In "Crossed the Line" mission, fixed an issue where mission objective would not update after reaching the rendezvous point.
  • Fixed an audio issue where Azrael drones did not play a sound when passing above the player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused inaccurate stats (e.g., hostile drone destroyed, long-range kills in PvE (+150 meters), total weapons looted, bivouacs discovered, CQC kills in PvE, etc.).
  • Fixed a stat issue that displayed "Story Completion" at 0% on the Identity page and on Uplay.

Major Bug Fixes - PvP

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused teammates to remain stuck when leaving as a squad from a PvP session to PVE.
  • Fixed an issue in PvP that sometimes caused enemy players to teleport backward when aiming at them.
  • Fixed an issue in Elimination where the "Last Man Standing" buff did not trigger when there was only one player alive remaining on a team.
  • Fixed an issue where kicking a player sometimes prompted a different user name for the vote.
  • Fixed a bug where Sabotage rounds would end in a draw when the attackers would not plant the bomb.
  • Fixed text description of Cloaking Spray to clarify that it prevents marking by sight too.

Extensive tweaks to customization, AI, automation, charactersmithing, gameplay, mission design, progression, and more are addressed here. You can read the whole thing here.


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