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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta Preload Now Available, Game to Launch With Accessibility Features

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta preload is now available on PC via Uplay in case you’re interested in trying out the latest Tom Clancy Game. Additionally, the final game is set to launch with a host of accessibility features.

The beta starts on September 26, but you can preload now:

Accessibility is a huge feature set in many games today, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be no different.

"We want Ghost Recon Breakpoint to be a game that everyone can enjoy," says UX Director Matthew Tomkinson. "Offering the right options and the most extensive settings customization we could is one of the many ways we strived to achieve this objective."

At launch, several features will be included:

“Ghost Recon Breakpoint will support full remapping of keyboard, mouse, and controller inputs. The ability to fully remap the controller is a first for a Ubisoft title, and includes analog-stick clicks, button presses, analog-stick directions, and triggers. Furthermore, dozens of actions will have customizable behavior, meaning that players can assign different actions to a press, a hold, or a double-tap, allowing them even more flexibility. PC players will be able to play with different combinations of keyboard, mouse, and game controllers simultaneously, as the game will receive input from all sources at the same time and translate them according to the player's customization settings.”

Some post-launch support includes the following:

Text-To-Speech for Notifications and Chat

  • Any in-game notification, and any message received in text chat, will be read aloud.

Speech-To-Text (English)

  • Players can dictate the message they want to send in a text chat.

Colorblind Contrast

  • Players can select between deuteranopia, protanopia, and tritanopia colorblindness, and adjust the contrast level for each of them.


  • Settings include display, size, background opacity, and speaker name.

Simultaneous Input

  • The game can simultaneously read the input from all input devices connected to the PC, including keyboard, mouse, controllers, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller. For instance, players can use both controller and mouse at the same time (e.g. moving forward with left stick, while aiming and shooting with a mouse). Support for more input devices will be coming post-launch.

HUD Adjustments

  • Players can choose which HUD elements to display and can resize each element, as well as adding a background to HUD elements to increase visibility.


  • Players can press a remappable button to make their Ghost continuously run forward. Players will still need to turn the character left and right in order to navigate.


  • Players can press a button to apply continuous throttle while in a vehicle. Player still needs to steer left and right. There is also a separate version of this for helicopters.

In case you missed it, check out our developer interview here, and a hands-on preview here.


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