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Ghost of Tsushima is the Fastest Selling New Playstation IP, Per SuperData

1.9 Million Ghosts of Tsushima

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s no surprise that Ghost of Tsushima has been a popular and well received game, but according to SuperData research, it is also the fastest selling new Playstation intellectual property. SuperData also released some other striking details about Pokemon Go in the most recent report.

Ghost of Tsushima purportedly sold 1.9 Million digital units in July, making it the most sought-after new IP in Sony’s lineup. The game has outpaced Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone, which both sold at a brisk pace. Nielsen’s SupderData report believes that Playstations success is due in part to the pandemic, and the need for alternative entertainment options to keep people occupied while staying home.

This brings up another interesting point, because the next game they mention, Pokemon Go had its second biggest revenue month ever in July. It is important to note that Niantic has put several safeguards in place to aid players who want to game safely at home. The steep rise in revenue may be due to the Pokemon Go Fest, which required a 15-dollar fee to access the array of challenges and activities available for players.

Recently Ghost of Tsushima released information on some upcoming content that also includes a multiplayer mode. Check out our Ghost of Tsushima review to see if this is the kind of game for you.


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