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Get to Know Lost Ark's Classes and Advanced Class Options With New Previews

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We’re getting more peeks into what’s coming in Lost Ark. The team has been releasing a series of class previews in the run up to early access and to full release in just a week from tomorrow on February 11th.

Would you like to play an Assassin? The Assassin in Lost Ark has the most recent preview and is a melee fighter that uses demonic forces to fuel their abilities and take on the demons with a dose of their own. They’re highly mobile (invest into that dexterity!), close range fighters with powerful burst damage, making them formidable if they can get and stay out of danger and out of reach. Once it’s time to progress, you can decide to go down the path of the Shadow Hunter (who can fill a meter allowing shapeshifting into a demonic to become even deadlier) or the Death Blade (who gets several powerful swords and abilities to make the most out of them).

There’s also a spotlight on the Gunner, who uses pistols, a rifle, and a trusty shotgun. Judge which you need for range or close combat, and switch between them as you need to, watch your cooldowns, and get into the fight.  The advanced classes you can choose from are the Deadeye and Sharpshooter, refining your abilities further to determine what kind of fighter you want to be.

Warriors are the reliable, hard hitting damage dealers, tanks, and often ones you want by your side. Their subclasses include the Berserker, Paladin, and the game's tankiest class, the Gun Lancer. You'll probably want to have a couple of these on your side, especially with the Paladin's powerful and effective support in a game that doesn't feature a ton of that.

The other class that already has a spotlight is the Martial Artist. This class is known for unarmed combat, executing powerful combos with style and flair. They also stand out for having four advanced classes to choose from: Striker, War Dancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist. Some are powerful melee fighters specializing in cool elemental moves, while there’s ranged capacity to enjoy too.

For info the game, the class system, and more, check out Lost Ark.


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