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Get S’More Rewards Event Makes Black Desert Online Delicious

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Looking to earn some extra goodies in Black Desert Online? Pearl Abyss has some sweet news just for you. For a limited time, ooey-gooey cookies and marshmallows will be dropping from mobs, given as prizes in time challenges, and shared as playtime rewards simply by logging in for 30 or 60 minutes. Once combined into a s’more, these items offer a bountiful array of rewards.

Making a s’more is as simply as combining five [event] Cookies with a single [event] Marshmallow. Each item can be found as a random drop from enemy NPCs, hidden inside gathering nodes, or pulled from the depths when fishing. Sounds delicious, no? If fish-mallows aren’t quite your thing, you can also earn them from time challenges or simple playing the game as you usually would. After thirty minutes, you’ll be awarded five cookies and your delicious, non-fish slimed marshmallow after an hour.

After you’ve collected your ingredients, you can combined them through Imperial Cuisine for a chance at any of the above rewards.

The event will run from September 10th (after maintenance) to October 2nd 01:00 PM PDT.


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