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Get Ready to Plant Your Fields in Trove Thanks to the Arrival of Gardening 2.0

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Trove site has been updated with the news that Gardening 2.0 "is now in season" in the game. It comes complete with new Alchemy and Vegetable plants, new ways to craft plants to eat and much more. Gardening ranks now allow players to earn the title Horticulturalist at level 300. Players can get buffs to resources or can help players "grow big and strong". Simply equip a harvested plant to gain the buff.

Reap all kinds of new rewards with Gardening: 

  • Bobble Pods are a fun new kind of pinata – throw them and watch them grow, then beat them up with some friends to get a shot at the Ridable Bobble Pod, a new immobile mount.  Live out your best grocery store ride fantasies! 
  • Grow Ally Habitats together with your club – get the rare ally and watch the whole server tromp through your club! 
  • Kahramet, Warden of the Fields has also been attracted to Trove by the new growth – take flight on her flowery wings! 
  • New badges for Harvesting, Watering Plants, and Composting, each with their own rewards! 

Read more on the Trove site.


Suzie Ford

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