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Get Ready for Spriggan Invasions, as Final Fantasy XI Gets the Return of the FFXIV Collaboration Event

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 The Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration is returning once again to Final Fantasy XI. The spriggans are back in Vana’diel and it’s up to you to deal with them and help the moogles out.

This returning event is a good chance to try and pick up loot you might have missed. You'll be able to get started when the event begins on March 22nd at 11 a.m. Pacific time. You'll be able to talk to one of the moogles in southern San d'Oria, Port Bastok, or Windurst Waters. After talking to the moogles, you'll be off to catch the spriggans  that have arrived and are infesting the lands. 

With the help of moogle magic, you’ll be able to start catching them in certain areas. The magic lets you take on the spriggans. Iif you defeat them and capture them, you'll be rewarded with chartreuse, vermillion, or mauve stone shards. While you are under the boost of moogle magic, your player level will be reduced to one and during the time you are battling, you won't be able to be attacked or to attack other monsters. The event makes you focus.

Take your stone shards that you won by capturing the spriggans and exchange them with the moogle that started the event for you to participate in a mini lottery. Hit first, second, or third prize levels and win one Spriggan item like a Purple Spriggan Coat or a Red Spriggan Club. Hit at the booby prize level to get a colored lolly or Spriggan Spark. There will also be spriggan fetishes and spriggan spirits you can collect if you meet certain conditions. 

You can even possess a spriggan through trading spriggan fetishes and spirits. 

The event runs through April 11th and you can see more details in this announcement over at Final Fantasy XI.


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