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Get Ready for Heavensturn in Final Fantasy XIV Next Week, With New Savage Raid and Gear in Update 6.05

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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When the launch of Endwalker was pushed back by two weeks, it meant that Final Fantasy XIV would see several events on the calendar also pushed back. The Starlight Celebration is going on now and will end tomorrow at 6:59 AM PST. Next up will be the arrival of Heavensturn on January 5th and running through January 19th. 

Heavensturn begins right after the release of update 6.05. But decorations will start appearing tomorrow after the previous event ends. So get ready for the tiger.

The event will mark the new year, and this year reflects the Lunar New Year year of the tiger. You’ll be able to grab some themed rewards like gold and silver Tora Kabuto, which could both be yours by completing “Tangle with a Tora” and selecting one as your prize. Then you could get the second from the seasonal event vendor. The helmets are good for possible boost to defense and magic defense, but they also just look pretty cool. If you had to pick one of the twelve animal zodiac legends to celebrate around, tigers are pretty impressive. The other significant reward for this year’s event is The White Tiger, a new furnishing item. An impressively large work of art, The White Tiger is a folding screen decorated with artwork of Byakko, the white tiger of legend in a fierce pose.

Final Fantasy XIV recently added a number of new items, including weapons and other gear back in update 6.01 and promised the remaining items will come in 6.05 so this update is now set for January 4th. Also coming in 6.05 are the next edition of the Pandæmonium raid (Savage) and a treasure hunt dungeon, the Excitatron 6000.

For more on the Heavensturn event, see this announcement over at FFXIV.


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