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Get On Those Coveralls! SamuTale Has Been Updated with Livestock Management

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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SamuTale has received a large new update to bring the Livestock System into the game alongside technical improvements and updates to craftable items. Players will be able to catch, tame, feed and breed chickens. "All you need is a male, a female and a chicken coop which you can build." Sounds easy enough.

The new update also features some nice improvements. The most noticeable improvement is the increased view distance (almost doubled) which is possible thanks to the new billboard system. I also worked on the sky and implemented dynamic moving clouds, a physical sun, a moon, and a nice light ray effect which can, of course, be disabled in settings.

While the blog doesn't allude to other animals becoming part of the Livestock System, aspiring ranchers everywhere hope it will in the future.

Read the full update on the SamuTale site.


Suzie Ford

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