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Get Bonuses on Import/Exports in GTA Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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This week in GTA Online, get bonuses in Imports/Exports, double rewards on Vehicle Cargo Sell missions, and more.

Receive Triple GTA$ and RP in Extraction, in addition to double GTA$ and RP in Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions as well as VIP/CEO Work and Challenges. Additionally, receive double salaries for Bodyguards and Associates.

Additionally, grab a free Vinewood Boulevard Radio T-Shirt for logging in. Also receive GTA$250K bonus for sourcing five or more vehicles in Vehicle Cargo Steal Missions, and a GTA$500K bonus for sourcing ten or more vehicles (to be received by June 30th).

The Överflöd Entity XF is the top prize at the Lucky Wheel so be sure to stop by the casino. Executive privilges this week include Pegasus concierge services. CEOs can change their Office Assistant and rename their Organization at no cost. There are also free drinks at The Diamond Casino Bar and The Music Locker.

Discounts include 50% off Executive Offices and their Renovations and 30% off Vehicle Warehouses. Vehicle discounts include 40% the Pfister 811, Benefactor Stirling GT, and Dewbauchee Seven-70, plus 35% off the B-11 Strikeforce and Buckingham Volatus.

Prime Gaming bonuses this week include a GTA$100K bonus for playing any time this week. Finally, Prime Gaming discounts include 70% off the Buckingham Valkyrie and 80% off the Dinka Sugoi.

You can learn more about this week’s GTA Online over at Rockstar Newswire.


Poorna Shankar