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Get an Introduction to High Isle's Ascendant Lord and Magus in the Latest Elder Scrolls Online Preview

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With High Isle releasing next month, The Elder Scrolls Online is continuing to reveal previews of some of what you can expect when the new chapter drops. This time, an introduction to two important characters: Ascendant Lord and Magus, leaders of the Ascendant Order.

The lore preview is written as an-in character conversation by a “chronicler” meeting with the Ascendant Order in a hidden location and giving the lord and Magus a chance to tell their own side of the story. Their story is in relation to “The provocative statements and protests put forth by these radicals [that] have alarmed authorities throughout Tamriel. Dark rumors of hidden actions to match the angry words are even more worrying”.

When calling this an introduction to the lord and Magus, they still remain anonymous, though there are clues about each of them. Both seem like nobles, and both are armored and masked. As for what these anonymous men want, the lord names corruption and the ambitions of kings and queens greedily having the rest of the people fight each other while they thrive and get richer.

“No one with a conscience can stand by and let oppression go unchecked,” the lord says when asked about motives. When asked about rumors that the Order itself had been killing and robbing merchants and farmers, as well as others, he says “no change comes without cost. The greater the change, the greater the cost”.

With High Isle set to feature layers of intrigue and political machinations, it’s no surprise to find various factions who are working on creating something that matches or at least fits their worldview and beliefs. This preview format gives us a taste of some of the lore and some of what we might expect happening with lands of such different histories and circumstances as will be found in High Isle.

Read the full preview at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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