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Get a Peek at the First Three Dungeons and New Raid in Swords of Legends Online: The Firestone Legacy

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Swords of Legends Online is gearing up for a huge update on February 24th, The Firestone Legacy. Now Gameforge and the dev team at Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon are showing off the first raid, Langquan Bridge, and the first three dungeons coming in the massive new update: The Firestone Grave of Dreams, Rotting Grotto, and Heavenly Gate Labyrinth. 

The three dungeons are here to challenge you and the first one, the Firestone Grave of Dreams, is a tricky one. Find the entrance to the dungeon in the Changhe Mountain, and be vigilant because it's full of traps intended to keep out anyone who might disturb the ancestral tomb of the Firestone clan. With the 4 major bosses waiting for you, you'll face the Firestarter Grave Guardian, The Stone-Faced Divine General, the Xiefang Colossus, and Jiang Kanhua, a palace master trapped while protecting the tomb, with the effects of what that means. In this dungeon, if you disturb the crypt , everyone dies, but if you can claim victory with good strategy, you’ll be rewarded with secrets and loot.

Rotting Grotto is what remains after a forge exploded after an attempt at enrichment. The explosion and force filled the cave with negative qi, mutating the inhabitants. These are who you’ll face, including the Gold Melting Spider Demon, Obsidian Giant Mosquito, Demonic Dung Beetle, and the mysterious Yao’an. No room for the arachnophobic here if you want to walk away with the loot.

Heavenly Gate Labyrinth is indeed a labyrinth, and you’ll have to be on your game to get through this one. The dangers here are numerous and the four bosses - Elemental Guardian, Langren Hatemonger, Yin Xiangtian, and Cloudweaving Spider Ghost are here to challenge you. they’ll throw everything at you from sheer elemental power to poison and dark qi, and even spiders, but if you’re going to get out of there alive (and with some sweet loot), you’ll need a plan. 

As for that raid: Langquan Bridge connects Heavenly Gate Labyrinth to Langquan, and it is symbolic of the legacy of the long war between the demons and the immortals. The bridge has a history of being destroyed and rebuilt, with determination to keep going and make it across in a show of might. Well, now’s your chance to clear the bridge if you choose to take on the challenge. Expect monsters, guardians, and more surprises. The last thing you want to do is underestimate any of them.

The Firestone Legacy update will also usher in the new era of Swords of Legends Online, with access becoming free to play and opening up to a larger audience. There are new classes, the Fox Mage, and Warrior, and more PvE and PvP coming. Given past developments, we should also expect added difficulty modes and scaling rewards too.

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