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Get a Look at the Challenges Waiting in Lost Ark's Endgame Dungeons, Raids, and World Events

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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With Lost Ark on the way,  Smilegate has been showcasing some of what we can expect from the game. This week there is  a new video about what to expect from PvE endgame content.

When it comes to endgame content, things should feel both familiar and engaging, given how these challenges are structured. There are dungeons, raids, strongholds, and more. The short run Chaos Dungeons can be done twice a day with an average of 10-15 minutes’ time. Clear them and you’ll get some of the basic endgame gear and items you’ll need for upgrading that gear. These will be a place to start and to continue for supplies when you’re able to gain more power. 

Guardian Raids have some restrictions on consumables and how many times your team can rez, but you’re dropped on a map and have to look around and find the boss. Once you find that boss, you’ll have a timer counting down. Beat it in time and you’ll grab loot like accessories, gems, runes, and upgrade materials that aren’t bound to you. These can also be done twice a day. Towers are solo challenges that are exactly what they sound like. These will get progressively harder as you unlock new floors. Complete your objective in the time given, and you’ll go forward. 

Lost Ark will also feature world events to participate in and take on. These challenges will become available on a regular basis, and there is a convenient tracker available to show you what events are live, what events are coming, and  their available rewards. So wherever you go there will be options to keep yourself geared and to keep moving up and up in challenges.

The video also delves into sailing and strongholds a bit as well. You’ll be able to learn to sail and establish a stronghold to be your base and essentially, instanced housing where you can settle, craft, and more.

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