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Get a Look at Mad World's Combat and Music Before Next Week's Alpha Begins

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Mad World is headed into a third round of alpha testing next week. To prepare, developer Jandisoft has been releasing some new videos showing off various combat experiences and design, as well as some of the game’s music.  

The newly released videos show off what melee, ranged, and magic combat will look like. There's also another peek at a party in a fight with huge monsters. Both show off some of what you can expect if you sign up to test this cross-platform MMORPG for the alpha, which begins on October 25th and runs through October 31st at 9am GMT . 

 With its apocalyptic setting, the game is set in a harsh world, and the development team is working to make narrative content a focus within the tough setting. Combat will be an integral part of gameplay, too, but they're also emphasizing narrative strongly, with a story and fully produced scenes that also feature a range of monsters. At the end of each chapter tyou play through, there will be a boss fight waiting for you with monsters that are inspired and directly influenced by tales of Cthulu. Of course the idea of hope plays a role here too, with the idea that people banding together will help bring some into this mysteriously bleak world that now exists in chaos.

With the apocalyptic setting of Mad World, the music also plays a huge role in setting the tone all around. While the first released track was intended to start slowly, then reflect danger before ending on a hint of hope, the subsequently released tracks range from quickly clipped dangerous to atmospheric pieces that will be in the background of all those journeys you take with the game. 

To sign up for the new alpha or to find out more on the game, you can check out the Mad World site.


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