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German Developer NUKKLEAR Is Partnering With Funcom On Upcoming Dune MMO

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Remember Dune? No, not the HBO one, but the one being made by Funcom? Looks like they are getting some help in the form of German developer NUKKLEAR to work on the upcoming Dune survival MMO.

In a press release today, NUKKLEAR GmbH announced they are partnering with Funcom to help develop the latters upcoming survival game set in the Dune universe. The studio is taking on a co-development role, working alongside Funcom to help "realize the expanded scope of the title." In addition to the co-development news, the German developer also stated they had received a grant from the German federal government to help expand their operations and take on more projects.

Funcom announced they had received the rights to the Dune franchise a few years back, stating that their intention was to create a Dune game in the same vein as their popular Conan Exiles title. The press release states that once Funcom had received investment by Tencent, the game expanded in scope, hence the need to bring on NUKKLEAR. 

We still don't know too much about the upcoming Dune MMO, other than it will be an open world survival game, with Funcom's CEO Rui Casais stating in the release that it is the most "ambitious project" their team has worked on. They also stated the team is benefitting from NUKKLEAR's expertise in "vehicular-based gameplay," which one could glean a bit from in terms of what the dev studio is bringing to the survival MMO. While a release date is likely still a ways away, the addition of NUKKLEAR might excite fans looking forward to traversing the deserts of Arrakis in the future.

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