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Genshin Impact's 4.3 Update, 'Roses and Muskets' Will Celebrate With Film in Fontaine, New Characters, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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On December 20, Genshin Impact’s next major update - version 4.3, “Roses and Muskets” arrives, with the Fontinalia Festival event, new playable characters, quality of life and feature improvements, and more.

The new festival on the way is happening thanks to the resolution of the major conflict in Fontaine. To celebrate, the new festival will feature a film festival, along with the other activities and minigames of a Genshin Impact event like this. Fontinalia Festival will also honor some of the figures important to Fontaine, with the Lochknights, the Kamisato siblings, the Traveler, and Chiori, who runs the Chioriya Boutique, will make a film together at the request of Furina.

The film festival theme also applies to some minigames. “Into the Frame” lets you design a short film with different camera angles and narration. There’s a marksmanship gameplay mode offering shooting training and other skill testing activities. Taking part in the mini games and winning Theater Tickets,  you'll be able to get yourself some rewards that include a four-star claymore, "Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword".

Speaking of claymores, Navia and Chevreuse are the new playable characters. Navia wields a 5-star Geo claymore herself, and can shoot Rosula Shardshots from her gunbrella. The number of shots is tempered by something called Crystal Shrapnel. Using Navia’s Elemental Burst, which deals AoE Geo damage, is one way to earn elemental shards to build up your shrapnel.

Chevreuse wields a 4-star Pyro polearm. She’s a captain in the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol. She can deal AoE Pyro damage with her musket and heal teammates with her Elemental skill. Chevreuse  Also capable of wielding grenades, which can really add some explosive damage when you need it.

The team is also touting new improvements to gameplay, including new features and rewards.. The in-game TCG, Genius Invokation,  gets updated with new cards, new NPCs that you can challenge, and a limited time mode, Heated Battle. There are also upcoming battle events and daily quests.

A major quality of life update is the upcoming "one click" function. This is one of many optimizations and the one click function will let you collect rewards from expeditions, processed ingredients, and forged items, easily.  

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