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Genshin Impact Version 3.5, Windblume's Breath, is Coming March 1st

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Genshin Impact  is preparing to launch version 3.5, "Windblume's Breath”, on March 1st. The update will add some new characters, continue the story of the twin travelers, and celebete festival time.

New characters are always a big part of any Genshin Impact update. The two characters joining the roster this time are legendary Eremite Dehya, and Mika, a cartographer with the Knights of Favonius. These two feature very different styles, with Dehya wielding a giant claymore  and Pyro power, and Mika with his polearm and Cryo power. When Dehya gets into tighter situations, she can use her elemental skills and also punch and kick in melee. Mika can use his elemental skills to support his teammates, along with his secondary option of a crossbow.

There are also new story quests, including Dehya’s story quest, and Faruzan’s Hangout event, which will reveal details about the characters’ pasts. Story quests also continue with a continuation that finds the Traveler continuing to find out more about the secrets of Tevyat, and the Abyss Order during the search for their lost sibling.

It’s also going to be festival time when the update drops. The Windblume Festival in the City of Mondstadt is a returning event that will include challenges, minigames, and of course, rewards. Among the minigames are a photo tour mode, Breezy Snapshots, a rhythm game, Ballads of Breeze, and Floral Pursuit, a maze chase. The festival is themed around love and freedom, but will also bring some guests in from Sumeru, linking this update to previous ones even more closely. Collei will visit with Tighnari and Cyno, and this will begin a new adventure that involves a prophecy. 

Sounds like Hoyoverse is preparing for both fun and intrigue this time around. There are also some new features, including for the TCG Genius Invokation. 

For more details, head to Genshin Impact.


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