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Genshin Impact Version 3.4, The Exquisite Night Chimes, Arrives January 18th

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Genshin Impact will get its Version 3.4 update, “The Exquisite Night Chimes” on January 18th, with a new area, a New Year celebration, and new playable characters.

This new update will let you explore a new area, Sumeru’s desert that is plagued by sandstorms. Called the Desert of Hadramaveth, Is an ever-present giant tornado in the middle of the desert, tossing sand all around. Once you complete the world quest called Golden Slumber, You'll be free to begin an adventure and quest to find a legendary place, the orchard of Pairidaeza. This place is also called the Eternal Oasis, and compared to the turbulent desert, it sounds like a sweet place. I can also hold that King Deshret froze time there to honor the Goddess of Flowers.

Also coming are two new playable characters, Alhaitham and Yaoyao, two Dendro characters to add to your roster. You’ll be able to complete his story quest and find out just what happened to the scribe of the Akademiya after the main Sumeru storyline. In combat, he creates something called Chisel-Light Mirrors in order to convert his attacks to Dendro damage and increase damage dealt. Yaoyao is a little girl from Liyue who uses a polearm and can deal damage and even use a device called Yuegui, to increase damage dealt or to heal teammates. When exploring, make use of Yaoyao because she won't spook creatures if she approaches.

The update also includes a New Year's celebration, Lantern Rite. This year, you can expect a music festival, art show, and a bunch of mini games. If you complete events and challenges this season, you can get your hands on new characters, new outfits, and other goodies.

There are also two competitions in Inazuma to consider taking on. The first is a duel using traditional Inazuman sword techniques. Beetle Brawl is another duel, this time with an Onikabuto.

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