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Genshin Impact Version 3.3 Opens New Story and Adds New Characters on December 7th

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Genshin Impact’s next update, “All Senses Clear, All Existence Void”,  version 3.3, will be out next week on December 7th. This will move things past the Sumeru storyline and introduce new characters, events, and begin setting up future features, including dueling and the previously announced card game, Genius Invokation.

When it comes to the storyline, things will pick up with The Wanderer, previously known as Scaramouche, after his defeat as a man-made god back in the Archon storyline. This will set up The Wanderer to feature in the Archon Quest interlude chapter, Inversion of Genesis, and eventually, to become one of the next members of the playable cast. The Wanderer will be a five-star playable character, as an Anemo catalyst wielder. 

The Wanderer will be able to hover and attack from a midair position, and his power can be enhanced by Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, and Electro. He’s not the only new character coming in the update, with a 4-star Anemo archer, Faruzan, also becoming available. Faruzan is described in the official announcement as “ageless Akademiya genius” and she uses her bow to support her teammates, giving them extra Anemo damage bonuses, while weakening the enemies’ defenses.  

The Wanderer, Faruzan, and the return of Arataki Itto will be features in Event Wishes when 3.3 is out.

Also coming in 3.3 are events, including the new seasonal event, Akitsu Kimodameshi, where you’ll get a shot at mastering some brick-breaker type minigames, and Across the wilderness, another event. Expect Windtrace to return for some hide and seek, and Misty Dungeon will also come back with some new updates.

Genius Invokation is also on the way, with the TCG combining the turn-based combat of Genshin impact with strategic card elements. The game will let players and NPCs compete against one another. In a match, in order to win you'll have to defeat all your opponent's character cards with strategic use of normal attacks, elemental skills, and bursts, while also getting good dice rolls.

For more on the update, head to Genshin Impact.


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