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Genshin Impact Receiving Several Events, Windtrace Event Live Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Several events are incoming for Genshin Impact. In fact, one of them is already underway and is actually a video competition. Here are the details.

The Windtrace Event is currently underway and will run through May 24, so you still have plenty of time to participate should you wish. The video you create must show the game UID with the content within pertaining to the Windtrace event. This video can be virtually anything like clips, creative gameplay, etc.

Be sure to post it to YouTube using #Windtrace. You can submit up to five videos. The official contest post here contains more submission criteria, so be sure to take a look. The results of this competition will be posted on June 10.

Several other events are coming to Genshin Impact like the Battlefront Misty Dungeon event. This will run from May 21 through May 31. You’ll need to be Adventure Rank 20 or higher to participate. The next event is the Born of Ocean Swell event beginning tomorrow and running through June 8.

Epitome Invocation is next from tomorrow through June 8, with the Aphros Delos Chapter story quest becoming permanently available starting tomorrow. Finally, the Mimi Tomo event starts May 27 through June 6, with the Overflowing Mastery event running from May 31 through June 7.

Genshin Impact has seen several updates bringing tons of content ever since it launched. More recently, the game launched its bespoke PS5 version which brought faster loading, graphics enhancements, and more. Additionally, an update late last month brought new characters and housing.


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